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About Us

Raising a child can be full of challenges and new questions may arise every day.  Kidsmile was born out of a desire to share advice and guidance that would help a parent be confident in raising their child. Kidsmile's mission is to share evidence-based information that would be easy for parents to follow and apply at home every day.

Meet The Team

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Paulin Jürjens

Paulin is a co-founder and the initiator of Kidsmile. Her responsibilities include strategic development and the creation of physiotherapeutic content for Kidsmile.

Podcast co-host.

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Erkki Lukk

Erkki is a co-founder at Kidsmile, where he helps with technical development and maintenance of their health tech platform.

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Päivi Kõiv

Päivi is a co-founder at Kidsmile. Her responsibilities include the development and creation of speech therapy content and social media creativity.
Podcast co-host.

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Anneli Kripsaar

Anneli is a co-founder who keeps Kidsmile visually appealing and easy to use.

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